Together with active runners, there is a fundraising for drinking fountains in the city.

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Drinking fountains' fundrasing

In progress

The platform "Warm City" together with the fundraising program for runners "KIND Challenge" at the initiative of "Frankivsk Half Marathon" with active runners of our city raise funds for drinking fountains, which will have free access for residents and guests of Ivano-Frankivsk. The goal is to collect 100,000 hryvnias and install 3 drinking fountains in the central locations of the city.

Project started in September 2020. 3 groups of activists, the largest running club in the city Gutsul Running Club, and 2 teams of "Prykarpattiaoblenergo" company took up the initiative. As of November 20, thanks to their active work, 120 donations worth UAH 38,180 were made.

In order to achieve the goal, participants not only start and tell others about it on social networks, but also organize internal competitions, give challenges to their colleagues, using unknown runners and organize charity events.

The initiative was also joined by 88 participants of the charity race of the Frankivsk Half Marathon 2020 and thus another UAH 21,500 was collected.

To join the fundraiser now, you can:

-become a good runner and involve your friends and relatives in support. Details here:

-support the initiative financially at the link:

All kind runners and participants of the charity race received reusable water bottles as a gift, which can be filled with water from fountains.

You can follow the progress of the initiative on the facebook page of the platform.

Approximate terms of the project implementation:

1) Fundraising - September-December 2020;

2) Design, technical conditions and approval of locations - January-February 2021;

3) Production and installation - March-April 2021.

Metalab Urban Laboratory is a partner in the implementation of the technical part of the project.

Updated project implementation deadlines:

1) Fundraising - September-December 2020;

2) Desk research or market research - February-March 2021;

3) Modeling and layout - March-May 2021;

4) Prototyping and approval of locations - June-July 2021;

5) Obtaining technical conditions and preparation for production - August 2021;

6) Production and installation - September-October 2021.

Let's run and create a comfortable city together!

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