Multimedia lab

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Multimedia lab — is an educational space that promotes the development of creative and film industry in the Ivano-Frankivsk City and in the region. The space is a part of the infrastructure of the Innovation Center Promprylad.Renovation. The project is being implemented by the Teple Misto platform (“Тепле Місто”) and the NGO Kinoroby (ГО “Кінороби”) with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation (Фонд “Відродження”).

Multimedia lab provides opportunities and access to modern education, professional equipment and infrastructure for the production of multimedia products, audiovisual and AR content (augmented reality).

The laboratory area of 108 m² is divided into 4 sectors, each of which has its own function:

- a room for educational events, such as practical courses, lectures, masterclasses, workshops, creative sessions, etc.
- video studio with professional equipment (cameras, tripods, stabilizers, permanent light devices, etc.) for shooting visual content and conducting practical part of training programs.
- coworking lab for animators, illustrators, artists, video editors, color coordinators and for designers. This lab is equipped with powerful computers with specialized software and professional tools for creating graphics and color correction (graphic tablets, graphic touchscreen, color correction panels)
- a recording studio with modern equipment and professional software for creating and erecting audio clips, film and program dubbing, making audio podcasts (during the repair stage).

The combination of a number of features makes Multimedia lab a unique platform for theory and practice. Here the beginner can get knowledge and practice, an experienced specialist - to improve his or her skills, fulfil their own ideas, share experience with others.

Within the framework of educational projects Multimedia lab provides for the establishment of social products (videos, animations, illustrations, photo projects, etc.). Space resources will be provided as grant support for social projects : if the author has an idea for a social video, he can apply for a grant that will cover the studio rent. The Multimedia Lab team is open to collaboration and partnership with educational institutions, community and charity organizations as well as socially responsible and innovative businesses.

The opening of the Multimedia Lab was held on December 21, 2018. This was preceded by a series of meetings for media professionals in Ivano-Frankivsk "Media work in conditions of constant change". Open lectures and master classes from experts in the field of journalism took place in January-March 2018. Among the invited experts were: Ihor Balynskyi, Yana Mashkova, Nataliia Patrikieieva, Maksym Savanevskyi, Yurii Marchenko, Andrii Pryimachenko, Ihor Titov.


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