Zbiok about a conceptual mural in Ivano-Frankivsk

Sławek Zbiok Czajkowski tells about the concept of the mural that he created at the address 100 Mazepa Street.

In his work, the artist reflects on modern Ukrainian society that seeks opportunities to escape from the heavy Soviet past. The artist converts decommunisation subject to deliberately simple, allegorical figures of the Past Human and the New Human.

Sławek Czajkowski is one of the most interesting young Polish artists. His artistic practice has left a mark in major cultural capitals of the world from Shanghai to Sao Paulo. He is Grand Prix winner of IX Geppert Competition for debutant artists in 2009, holder of the scholarship program of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, co-curator of OUT OF STH festival (Wroclaw), prize winner of WARTO in Visual Arts 2010.

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