"Veloden 2017" in Ivano-Frankivsk

The experts have supported 5 projects during spring wave of City Grants programme. Veloday 2017, a sustainable mobility project, was among those and received partial financing.

The project team has set an ambitious goal—developing a standard for cyclists’ behaviour on the road and drivers’ code of conduct for situations when cyclists are around. Moreover, they set out to popularise rover bikes as an alternative, environmentally friendly and safe kind of urban transport.



On May 28, over 1,420 people took part in a bike parade, joined professional biking master classes and participated in a giveaway. Velostalker Club—stewards and organizers of the event—were coordinating movement of the column.



To hold Bike Day 2017, the team attracted 13 partners, which provided coverage for the event, held master classes, supplied means of communication and donated gifts for the raffle.




Teple Misto (warm city) platform initiated the City Grants programme in September 2015 to enable and support initiatives, non-government organisations, and communities that strive to develop the city in a progressive way, make practical moves to improve the quality of city life and involve city’s community in the development of Ivano-Frankivsk.



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