“To Absorb the City”: Radio Stories from Taras Prokhasko

“To Absorb the City” by Taras Prokhasko is course of radio stories about mindful living in environment (city) and looking for contact (closeness) among all the elements of it.

Taras Prokhasko joined to the team of Urban Space Radio authors in June. They were glad of his returning to work with favorite Ukrainian writer. Listeners of Urban Space Radio have a great opportunity to hear 24 stories voiced by author.

The program gets in air every Wednesday at 12 a.m. on MJoy. Podcasts are available at the radio page on MixCloud.

Taras Prokhasko (born 16 May 1968 in Ivano-Frankivsk) is a modern Ukrainian writer, journalist, one of representatives of the Stanislav phenomenon. As he told, he had decided to become a writer in the age of 12. He didn’t read soviet Ukrainian authors in school. Taras started his writing career only after service in the army. He believed for some time that Ukrainian literature was nonexistent as he studied at non-artistic biological faculty. He read it at the first time when met Yurko Izdryk, who created an artistic magazine. Yurko didn’t accept the very first writings of Taras, but published his novel named “Burned Summer” some time after. Taras worked a lot at different jobs after the university, including teaching at a local school and Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Carpathian Forestry, bartender, watchman, radio person at FM “Vezha” Radio. He worked in a gallery of art, in a newspaper, on a television studio.

Podcasts of the program:

“To Absorb the City” by Taras Prohasko. Episode 1. Hear Our Souls.
“To Absorb the City” by Taras Prohasko. Episode 2. Pain Too Loud.
“To Absorb the City” by Taras Prohasko. Episode 3. Knowledge to Love.
“To Absorb the City” by Taras Prohasko. Episode 4. The Rarity.
To be continued…

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