We are announcing a tender for the purchase of one desktop computer.

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Tender for the purchase of a desktop computer

We are announcing a tender for the purchase of one desktop computer Monoblock Apple iMac 21.5 "(MRT32) 2019 with the operating system installed.

The procurement is part of the project "Implementation of circular economy approaches to create a viable and sustainable Ivano-Frankivsk" (SG53730) within the Environmental Policy and Advocacy Development Initiative in Ukraine (EPAIU), implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation with financial support from Sweden.


DEADLINE: 12.08.2020

Terms of delivery and payment:

 1.Payment in cash to the account of Physical Person Pursuing Entrepreneurial Activity or Limited Liability Company;

2.Delivery to Ivano-Frankivsk to the customer's address.

Supplier selection criterion: the lowest price for the goods on the terms of delivery and payment mentioned above.

How to submit a price offer:

To participate in the tender, please send an e-mail to marharyta.zhenchuk@warm.if.ua no later than 12.08.2020

1. price offer on the letterhead of the company and / or signed by a natural person-entrepreneur with the details of the company or private individual;

2. completed and signed letter of conformity.

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