System HR - modern approaches

The profession of HR manager appeared in Ukraine a short time ago and is one of the most demanded among modern businesses. People are the greatest value and driving force for organisations.

That is why on May 22nd Promprylad. Renovation hosted the lecture “System HR — Modern Approaches” by Andrii Rozhdestvenskyi, which discussed how to align business strategy and HR management.

The lecture was intended for business owners, entrepreneurs; HR directors, HR managers and a wide range of people interested in human psychology.

Andrii Rozhdestvenskyi, a speaker, professor and lecturer at the UCU Lviv Business School, member of the Board of Transparency International Ukraine and co-founder of AR Consulting.

At the lecture he answered the following questions:

— Business strategy and HR management strategy: how to align them
— How to form a team and what really motivates modern people to work
— Importance of management in the formation of human resources in a company
— How to build a system if you do not have a separate HR department.

The Ivano-Frankivsk Business Learning Environment Development Project is being implemented in partnership with the Lviv Business School (LvBS) and with the financial support of the Government of Canada through the SME Development Assistance Fund of the International Technical Assistance Project “Partnership for Urban Development” (PROMISE Project).

The PROMISE project is being implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) with the financial support of the Ministry of International Affairs of Canada. Partnership for Urban Development Project promise/pleddg.

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