Winners of City Grants summer wave

Today we’ve got the names of the winning projects of the City Grants summer wave by Teple Misto Platform.

During the submission of applications for the summer wave, Teple Misto received 10 projects in total, 8 of which were included in a short-list and were evaluated by an expert committee.

The expert committee of City Grants summer wave:

- Mariia Osidach – chief executive of the “Polish cultural center and European dialogue in Ivano-Frankivsk”;
- Myroslav Fedorkiv – head of traffic infrastructure division of the Department of Housing and Utility Policy and Amenity;
- Nataliia Nykolyn – co-founder of the “Damiia” medical center of reproductive health;
- Hryhorii Melnychuk – journalist and co-facilitator of the Council of Kyiv urban science;
- Oksana Tymkiv – head and founding member of the “ABC” clubs’ network for children, mentor of the “Generation UA” socio-educational project
- Andrii Kulyk – winner of the 2nd wave of City Grants Program, coordinator of “Street Charger Uppy” project.

The budget of the City Grants summer wave was 60,000 UAH.

Five projects became winners:

Project details:

1)    Restoration of the Old Door in the Monument of Architecture at 1 Chopin Str. – 15 000 UAH
Initiative “Frankivsk Which Is to Be Preserved”
The project is aimed at preserving the historical heritage of Ivano-Frankivsk through the example of the old door restoration at 1 Chopin Str. (building of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas). For some time the antique doors were replaced by plastic ones; the antique doors were kept in the housekeeping area of the university. The project team had set themselves a task to restore the antique doors and put them back to the historic spot to show the real-word example of careful attitude to antique architectural elements, especially for young adults and students of this university. 

2)    The Social Center for the ATO Participants and Their Families – 15,000 UAH
Center for the ATO Participants and Their Families “Banderivskyi Skhron”
This project is for the community adjustment of ATO participants and their families by means of physical rehabilitation and psychological recovery. The rehabilitation center provides massage therapy, clinical teaching with cardio machines, arranging interactive leisure activities, services of a psychologist, service on cross-sectional health groups, and workshops for children.

3)    The Arrangement of a Volleyball Ground and a Tennis Table at the Stadium in Opryshivtsi Microdistrict – 4,000 UAH
NGO “One For All”
The aim of the project is to promote a healthy lifestyle among the residents of Opryshivtsi microdistrict, especially young adults, and enabling the citizens to choose sports activities for their free time (playing volleyball or table tennis).

4)    Frankivsk Yards Festival – 15,000 UAH
NGO “Youth Television”
A celebration of unity for the residents of four houses in different districts of the city aimed at closer acquaintance of the residents, communication, and solving common problems.

5)    Construction of an All-purpose Sports Ground With a Synthetic Surface in Pasichna Microdistrict – 11,000 UAH (partial financing)
Residents of the house on 21 Pasichna Street
Arrangement and outfitting of a special sports ground in Pasichna microdistrict for active leisure of people of different age groups, as well as for persons with disabilities and disabled ATO participants. The sports ground is intended for such games as boccia, volleyball, badminton, basketball, sepak takraw, etc.

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