The winners of the third wave of the City Grants Program

The winners of the third contest of Сity Grants Program have been announced today. The competition was held by Teple Misto Platform. The budget is 60 000 UAH. 

Altogether, 17 projects took part in City Grants Pprogram, 8 of them were included to shortlist. Those, who were selected for short list, have passed an interview with members of an expert commission. The expert commission of the third contest consisted of:

Olha Zen – community activist, project manager;

- Mykhailo Smushak – Chief of Housing policy and public services department of Ivano-Frankivsk city council;

- Taras Sluchyk – community activist, chief of regional department  of  Political Science Institute;

- Rostyslav Shpuk – community activist, blogger, photographer, entrepreneur;

- Daryna Shehda – community activist, architect, entrepreneur;

- Viktor Zahreba – community activist, blogger, founder of initiative «Vision Zero for Ukraine».

The winners were selected due to the results of the interview. Earlier it have been announced that four projects could win the competition. But, however one of the winning projects needs less funding than others, we decided to divide prize sum between two projects. Therefore, Teple Misto Platform will provide organizational and financial support to five winning projects:

1. TEDxIvanoFrankivskWomen Conference. The conference peculiarity is that the speakers are only women according to the rules of TED. On the conference TEDxIvanoFrankivskWomen 2016 twelve speakers were invited from different cities, presenting successful ideas including two speakers from Ivano-Frankivsk. The conference theme is «Be Yourself». The project has received 15 000 UAH funding.

2. Hour of Code. The aim of project is to introduce   the programming basics to pupils and students in an entertaining way, to destroy stereotypes about programmer job, to make pupils acquainted with careers related to information systems. The project has received 5001 UAH funding.

3.  The Art Therapy. The aim of project is to help to create facilities for mental development of each child, to shape their positive outlook towards surrounding environment and people through art therapy and adult-child interaction. The result of this experiment will be an object or story picture on the wall. The project has received 14 453 UAH funding.

4. Exhibition «Portrait of Place and Time. Unknown world of Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit». The aim of the project is to organize first in the world and Ukraine exhibition of unknown photos of Hutsulian artist, writer, folklorist, philosopher Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit and to draw attention to the photographic legacy of well-known artist. Exhibition organizers want to inspire youth and adults to put their family archives in order and create a virtual family album of Ivano-Frankivsk residents. The project has received 15 000 UAH funding.

5. Mini Film Festival. The festival is aimed to popularize Ukrainian films, to motivate local community to produce its own short and feature films due to throwing film parties and presenting educational program on low-budget filmmaking. The project has received 7 200 UAH funding.

Photo: Anton Kuba

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