New signboard for Mr English store

This year, autumn is a full time for the implementation of projects of our "Business Signboards" program. Recently, another project from "Teple Misto" was implemented in Ivano-Frankivsk. The design was created for the store of foreign educational literature "Mr English" on Lepky Street, 19.

The signboard consists of several elements. The name of the institution is made in the form of separate volumetric letters from the composite material on the joint body, and the type of activity of the institution so as the working time are placed on transparent tables on the level of the eyes. Such a variant of the signboard does not overlap the facade, and at the same time provides comprehensive information for the consumer.

The new signboard of the store responds to the architectural ensemble of the street and the specialty of the institution, the team of the program "Business Signboards" sincerely enjoyed the implementation of our project.

Mr english shtorka before Mr english shtorka after
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