The Supervisory Board of “Teple Misto”: fuction, structure and new members

The Supervisory Board is the administrative body created for the provision of a platform “Teple Misto”. 

The functions of the Supervisory Board of "Teple Mist" platfrom:
-          controls the activity of the head of “Teple Misto";
-          controls the compliance of the activities of the platform requirements of current legislation of Ukraine;
-          control the use of the assets of the platform according to the constituent documents;
-          identifies the strategic goals, objectives and forms of activity of "Teple Misto";
-          sets the limits of funding activities and approves the annual budget;
-          carries out other powers within the limits stipulated by the Charter and decisions of the General Assembly.
The structure of the Supervisory Board of "Teple Misto" platform

The Supervisory Board operates in 12 persons. At least once per 2 years produced the replacement of 1/3 of the Supervisory Board. As the Supervisory Board of the platform “Teple Misto”  was founded in the year 2015, in 2017, according to the Charter, its composition has changed. New participants are:

-        Halyna Tytysh – editor and founder of "Ukrainska pravda.Zhyttia", co-founder of Batkivskyi kontrol NGO (Kyiv / Ivano-Frankivsk).

Yuri Fylyuk was joking that I very quickly agreed to become a member of the Supervisory Board. Though there is no surprise that I followed the activities of the platform as a journalist, and I knew  project very well.

Over the past few years I have learned how relate my  time, which is terribly lacking. And spend it solely on what fits my values and that there is effective. Despite this, I immediately agreed to become a member of the Supervisory Board.

“Teple Misto” is my favorite project, which I often cite as an example to others. After all, it is not about making money, personal PR or desire of self-assertion and this is often a problem of the public sector (and not only it). This is about a completely different way of building relationships is through cooperation, trust, mutual benefits , warmth and goodness. In addition, "Teple Misto" is the doers, i.e. those who did not only dream, invent and discussing ideas. But it also embodies them. Another important trait of which I am missing in many organizations.

I’m from Ivano-Frankivsk. So, when I went in Kyiv for studying , I promised to all my friends that “I’ll be back” to my hometown. I remember, that I also made a bet for something that I will only study in Kyiv and after graduation I get back to Ivano-Frankivsk. But I stayed in Kiyiv, although my parents live in Ivano-Frankivsk. I love this city and I want to help its with what I can. I'm sure the investment of time and effort in "Teple Misto" for this is the most successful option.

When I first visited the activity of "Teple Misto", I was the Chief Editor of the "Ukrainian truth. Life".  Travelling to visit parents in one compartment with a local businessman. My husband shamed me me that I have never been familiar with Yuriy Filiuk  and "Teple Misto" before, and gave me all the necessary contacts. In a few days we met with Yuriy, and I have prepared an article for the "Teple Misto". I  remember very well, how long I argued with Yuriy , who demanded, " do not mention any information about me in the article”, because "Teple Misto" is a great team. It often happens with journalists, that they are disappointed in the heroes of their texts. The “Teple Misto” team is otherwise. In every year I appreciate this project more and more.

-        Maksym Savanevskyi – managing partner in PlusOne DA agency of digital communications (Kyiv).

I have known about "Teple Misto" for a long time. About the successes and initiatives of "Teple Misto" talked a lot of my friends in Kiev, an additional factor was that originally I'm from Ivano-Frankivsk (though went out of town more than 20 years ago, in 1994), so I had not just heard stories about "Teple Misto", but also knew about the real success.

"Teple Misto” is a unique platform for Ukraine. I always appreciated that within the platform people are teaming up for the sake of enhancing the comfort, happiness, and well-being of the entire community.

When I was offered to join the Supervisory Board of "Teple Misto", I was glad that my experience may be useful for such a powerful union.

-        Mark Zarkhin – entrepreneur, co-founder of the group of restaurants Fast Food Systems and Kumpel Group (Lviv).

My first encounter with "Teple Misto" took place at Urban Space 100. I thought it was very cool, and I even envied to this organization because Lviv was still not ready for such public initiatives.

With great respect and curiosity I observed the development of “Teple Misto" as a unique way for Ukraine to experience of  the transformation of urban environments. If my experience can be helpful for the further development of the organization, it  is and will be my motivation. In Ukraine, the positive changes in the development of civil society in one  city have a strong influence on all the other cities, especially linked cities like Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

-       Andriy Romanchuk – managing partner of Moris Group law firm (Ivano-Frankivsk / Kyiv).

I’m a native of Ivano-Frankivsk, and  "Teple Misto"  for me is above all a huge incentive for the development and building of my city. Since this platform unites the efforts of a local business, and most residents and people with active civil position, then this is a great opportunity to participate in the implementation of creative and original projects that primarily have a social benefit, and, in addition, bring moral satisfaction.

In fact the "Teple Misto" from the outset, caught my attention because this number of projects which task was the involvement of the community in the development of the city and the creation of a specific active environment was not very large and high quality. So once I have read the same idea, I saw the prospects for progressive town, I got a great desire to be a part of the platform. I am therefore sincerely pleased to collaborate with "Teple Misto" and hope to further the implementation of the new features and projects.

Yuriy Fylyuk, "Teple Misto" CEO: the Supervisory Board is the supreme management body of the platform Teple Misto, exactly on this level going strategic planning organization and control over its execution. Therefore, the composition of the Supervisory Board and who is included in it, is extremely important. Now it is 12 persons, representing different fields of activity: civil society, business, education, culture, strategic, etc. Also important is the representation of the different regions and cities – this provides a wider angle of view on problems in planning. There is no clear quotas, but we must have a presence in the composition of the representatives from Ivano-Frankivsk, who are experiencing the local context.

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