City Grants will support six projects during the winter wave

On the 4th of October, six winning projects of City Grants Program supported by Teple Misto Platform were announced. General budget for the winter wave was 90 500 UAH.
In general, 16 projects had been submitted for grants.

Evaluation of participants had been conducted by the independent jury. Teams included in a tender short-list presented their ideas to the experts face-to-face. Following the results of presentations, six projects aimed at improving the living conditions of Ivano-Frankivsk and the lives of its residents in all respects were chosen.

Winning projects :

- Soul and Heart Enlightenment (16 630 UAH)

Charitable organization “Enlightenment of Soul and Heart”
The project team aims to form a reliable team of volunteers through training, seminars and workshops. Volunteers work in medical institutions in order to improve the atmosphere, level of service, performance of medical staff, and help patients and people left unattended by their relatives.

- Multimedia Lecture Room in Paragraph Student Space (19 970 UAH)

Paragraph student space
The project envisages the arrangement of a professional multimedia lecture room on the basis of Paragraph student space with all the necessary equipment for the development of youth, informal education, the formation of a start-up environment, the growth of the number and quality of educational events in the city.

- Ecological Exhibition of Contemporary Art “Expansion” (7 200 UAH)

Olga Kukush, Roksolana Ugryniuk
The artistic and educational exhibition of contemporary photography and installations designed to familiarize the visitors with contemporary art and attract the community’s attention to environmental problems.

“15-35-65” (6700 UAH, partial financing)

Pasichnianske Condominium
The project aims to install an athletic facilities outside the Pasichnianske condominium (145B Halytska Street), which makes it possible to pull together people of different ages via informal communication and mutual outdoor activity.

- West League Boccia Cup (20 000 UAH)

The project envisaged the organization and holding of an open boccia tournament for athletes from the western regions of Ukraine who have locomotor system disease. Its purpose was to launch West League Cup in Ivano-Frankivsk.

- Restoration of Three Old Windows in the Regional Children's Library (20 000 UAH)

Initiative “Frankivsk Which Is to Be Preserved”
The purpose of the project was to preserve the historical heritage of Ivano-Frankivsk through the example of the restoration of three beautiful old windows in the Tower of the Children's Library. Currently the windows of the library are nailed up with plywood; antique wood frames were conserved directly in the library tower.
For this reason the team had set themselves a task to restore the antique window frames and lost window glazing and put them back to the historic spot. They would like to show by this the real-word example of careful attitude to antique architectural elements, especially for children and their parents who visit the library and all the urban residents walking on Mitskevych Square.

We’d like to remind that Teple Misto Platform begun the progressive urban initiatives support program, called City Grants. In general, 30 projects have been supported in two years.

The expert comittee of the winter wave was composed of:

- Iryna Fishchuk – co-founder of “Muliarovy’s Family Restorant” and collector;
- Denys Rudnytskyi – sport section head of the Department of youth policy and sport of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council;
- Olesia Khmeliovska – co-founder of “Mondays Café & Store”, law officer;
- Roman Malynovskyi – Editor-In-Chief of “The Library Of Babel” publishing house;
- Nataliia Kushnirenko – “Kurs” (“Course”) news bureau journalist;
- Taras Hashevskii – City Grants Program winner, “Virtual Reality in the Library” project coordinator.

Media partners : “Channel 402”, “West Pole” radio, “Vezha” (“Tower”) TV and radio company, “Subcarpathia Daybill”.

Information: The City Grants Program was created in September 2015 to boost and support the initiatives, NGOs, and communities aimed at the implementation of practical projects raising quality of life in the city, and involving the local community in the development of Ivano-Frankivsk.

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