City Grants - Mini Film Festival

Five projects became winners within the second wave of  the City Grants Program. One of the winning projects is “Mini Film Fest”. The subject matter of this project is contemporary art.

The project was organized by team of Kinoroby community to acquaint Ivano-Frankivsk viewers with original non pop movies, and to engage participants in the dialogue. The tool for this task was viewing five Ukrainian movies: “Ukrainian Sheriffs”, “Tribe”, “Douchebags. Arabesques”, “Illpeoplebitch” and “Parajanov”.

Starting on 10th of November, all the films were demonstrated in the “Lumière” cinema.

A total of 180 people visited  the festival.

As an additional component of the project, an educational workshop about filming was held by Klym Denysov. The workshop was visited by 60 people.

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