“City Grants” – Design Village 2016

Five projects became winners within the the second wave of the City Grants Program. One of them is “Design Village 2016” project. The subject matter of the project is progressive education.

Conference organizers aim to create a warm environment for acquaintance, dialogue and share experience with creative minds from different design fields. Every speech was devoted to individual projects and contained tasks, processes and result analysis.

For the second year, this large conference brought together about 480 members and 16 speakers from different cities of Ukraine and others European countries. The novelty of this conference was a seperate day for workshops from leading illustrators, chirographers and graphic designers of Ukraine.

Traditionally, the public lecture was held in the community restaurant “Urban Space 100” (interview with lectors you can listen on Urban Space Radio).

Conference members can describe the experience and results the best.

Taras Makar, graphic designer and conference speaker:
“Design Village” is :
- to address some hundreds of people and forget which country is a homeland to Neils Shoe Meulman
- to get acquainted with a world of cool designers and see those I haven’t seen in a long time
- to hold a workshop together with Andrii Shevchenko
- …and all this with sore throat and, probably, with a fever
To cut a long story short, it was all very cool! :)

Thanks to the entire “Design Village” team for organizing and for the warm welcome”.

Nataliia Zakashans’ka, co-founder of Galagan creative agency, educator of School Of Visual Communication:
“These holidays flew fast on Design Village conference. Organizers put in a lot of effort in arranging and holding the conference, and taking care of the guests of the event. We can not remain silent about the wonderful gifts and tasty treats. Speakers and their presentation are above all! All went great. Great event, the best in Ukraine in our view.”

Inna Kravchuk, web-designer:
“Non-stop self-development or just an exciting day of creativity and inspiration for our designer at Design Village!"

Information: The City Grants Program was created in September 2015 to boost and support the initiatives, NGOs, and communities aimed at the implementation of practical projects raising quality of life in the city, and involving the local community in the development of Ivano-Frankivsk.

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