Kangaroo Method

The Kangaroo Method project is an example of the successful implementation of an idea within the programme thematic area — “urban space”.

In March 2019 the team of the Association of Parents of Premature Children “Ranni Ptashky”, an NGO, received a grant totalling UAH 18,150 and purchased the necessary equipment to care of premature children, in particular: 11 comfortable wheel chairs and 11 presentation shirts, the number of which corresponds to the number of wards in the Premature Infant Department at the Regional Children’s Hospital, where the project was implemented.

Iryna Stefanyshyn, head of the hospital:

“If before premature infants were in reanimation humidicribs, now such babies can be with their mothers virtually all the day. Our mission is to support mothers psychologically, morally and financially.”


The Kangaroo method is an effective way of nursing children born before a set term. It centres around the physical skin-to-skin contact of a newborn and his/her mother. This accelerates adaptation of babies to the environment: they gain weight faster and develop better; a baby hears a mother’s heartbeat and voice, smells her milk and body, feels light strokes and cries less. This position provides safety so that he/she does not feel stress thereby decreasing the cortisol level of in blood.

Reference: The Urban Grants programme was established by the Teple Misto platform in September 2015. The programme goal is to activate and strengthen initiatives, NGOs and environments that aim at the advanced development of the city, implementation of practical projects improving quality of life and involvement of the city community in the development of Ivano-Frankivsk. In 2019, the programme was renamed into the Teple Misto Small Grants.

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