Manipulation by Means of Visual Communication: New Mural by Sergei Radkevych

On 25th October, Serhii Radkevich began to work on the project «Fragments of Visual Manipulation».

Fragments of Visual Manipulation is a mural covering an area of 11×9 meters, created by Serhii Radkevych on the facade of the Teplokomunenergo building at 30a Sakharova Street. Fragments of Visual Manipulation is a reflection on the events concerning the murals of Ivano-Frankivsk in 2016. “If there hadn’t been the discussion on murals, I wouldn’t have painted this work here,” — says Serhii Radkevych.

In this work, the artist uses three different techniques he has been working with for the last three years: iconic painting, realistic and graphic styles. This combination of aesthetic layers makes us refer to the context of the murals discussion — the use of different techniques appeal to a wide audience. Some people will like the graphical style, the others — the realistic one, some will like their combination. This way, the artist tries to manipulate the context and audience.

“For me, visual plastic arts are juggling. When an artist can use the maximum number of plastic arts, he is like a juggler who can manipulate the environment. Three different styles should satisfy all population groups.”

On his work, we can see a graph that reflects the citizens’ level of interest in the work, i.e. how often the citizens came to the artist or talked to him, and what questions they asked.

The mural project was realized by Open Street Painting initiative together with Teple Misto Platform, with the grant support of Urban Space 100 social restaurant, and with the support of Nadiya Hotel, Kuhnia Restaurant and Maliarnyi Dim store.


Serhii Radkevych was born in 1987 in Lutsk. He graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts, the Department of Monumental Painting. His creative priorities are monumental painting, street art, painting, graphic arts. The artist works with sacred images which he uses beyond sacral objects. Serhii is one of the organizers of Black Circle Festival (street art festival). The winner of the Second Special Prize PinchukArtPrize 2012. He lives and works in Lviv.

Selected projects and works:

2016, Ukrainian Cross-Section (Wroclaw, Poland); IN THE CROSSHAIRS — Artistic dialogue with the Ukraine, Schafhof–Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern (Freising, Germany); Le Mur (Paris, France); Wall Drawings, Icônes urbaines, MAC Lyon (Lyon, France)

2015, CALENDAR / FULL CYCLE OF WORK (Dzyga, Lviv, Ukraine); Schafhof–Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern (residence, Freising, Germany); Fragments of Conscious, Schafhof–Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern (Freising, Germany)

2014, Katowice Street art Festival 2014 (Piekary Śląskie, Poland); Casus Pasic, Street Art Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia); 12, Domaine de Grandmont (Soumont, France); 4 Land art festival (Roztocze National Park, Poland)

Photo: Anton Kuba

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