Teple Misto Small Grants supported 6 Ivano-Frankivsk development projects

22 projects had been submitted for the Winter Wave of the Grant Programme, which lasted from August 26th to September 26th. After the interview with the independent commission, 6 winning teams were selected. The total budget of the wave was UAH 80,000 this time.

Here are the winning projects:

1. Exhibition of Art Works “Osyp Sorokhtei. From the Past into the Present”

Thematic area: modern art.
Grant amount: UAH 10,000
Initiative group: Charitable Foundation for Support and Development of Cultural and Art Initiatives “RUST”.

The project aims at honouring the memory of artist Osyp Sorokhtei, who lived and worked in Stanislav region, as well as showing all the variety of his unique work — water-colour drawing, graphics, caricatures.

2. Development of the concert and professional activity of Nadiika, a dancing group of people in wheelchairs 

Thematic area: contemporary art, urban space (a friendly city for all groups of residents)
Grant amount: UAH 19,700
Initiative group: Nadiika.

The project is aimed at the development of inclusive art of dancing among a wide target audience: people with disabilities (for their socialisation, adaptation and development), dancers who are looking for new directions and are not afraid of experiments and amateurs who are not afraid to dip their toes into dancing.

3. School of Young Biochemist

Thematic area: progressive education.
Grant amount: UAH 11,600
Initiative group: ResCom.

The project organisers will hold the two-day practical and theoretical school for the promotion of biochemistry among schoolchildren in rural areas, including remote settlements. Kids will be able to detect nitrates in food, destroy the myth that coffee has the highest level of caffeine, find out whether citrus fruit contain the most vitamin C and look at the structure of animal blood cells.

4. First Mystical Reading “Stanislavsky NOTgelovin”

Thematic area: modern art.
Grant amount: UAH 10,000
Team: Brama Cultural and Art Agency, NGO.

The project goal is to provide a quality artistic content for the Potocki Palace Space in the off-season. They will introduce the famous Ukrainian writers, actors and musicians and directly involve city residents. The first mystical reading will be held in the non-renovated premises of the Palace. This will attract both general public and investment to revive the place.

5. Exhibition “Modern Portrait 2019: Ecology”

Thematic area: contemporary art, ecology.
Grant amount: UAH 8,700
Team: organisers of the exhibition “Modern Portrait 2019: Ecology”, leader of the initiative
group, photographer Serhii Horichok.

The organisers want to draw the attention of residents and visitors of the city to the portrait photography as art and emphasise the importance of careful attitude towards nature. The form is also special — a city quest in Ivano-Frankivsk.

6. Workshop on creating plastic processing equipment and equipment for the RE recycling lab:

Thematic area: ecology and energy efficiency
Grant amount: UAH 20,000
Team: Initiative Group “RE: Recycling Lab”

The project team plans to unite eco-conscious residents of Ivano-Frankivsk around the problem of recycling. Participants of the open workshop will build a plastic recycling machine and revive second-hand articles.

The Teple Misto Small Grants was launched by the Teple Misto platform to support forward-looking urban initiatives in 2015. The grant fund of the programme is formed from contributions of the business community of the platform and amounts to UAH 80,000 per one wave. In total, over the course of the programme, we have supported 58 projects that are already changing education, arts, sports and environment in Ivano-Frankivsk.

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