Be Visible! Save Your Life!

Be Visible! Save Your Life is a project of Economic and Social Development Centre “Merkurii”, an NGO, supported by the Teple Misto Small Grants.

Grant received: UAH 20,000

Thematic area of the project: stable mobility.

Project goal: prevention of road traffic injuries and accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists.

Within the framework of the project a series of lectures for students and trainings with the participation of patrol officers were held. The project team, patrol officers, organising committee of the international X Veloforum and active cyclists of the city organised the evening run in Ivano-Frankivsk.

The participants wanted to draw attention to the importance of using light-reflective elements and tapes when cycling in the evening or night time.

Within the framework of the project, each participant received a light-reflective bracelet as a reminder of information given and importance of the traffic rules.

Reference: The Small Grants programme was established by the Teple Misto platform in September 2015. The programme goal is to activate and strengthen initiatives, NGOs and environments that aim at the advanced development of the city, implementation of practical projects improving quality of life and involvement of the city community in the development of Ivano-Frankivsk. In 2019, the programme was renamed into the Teple Misto Small Grants.

The website of the programme:

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