4 projects won the Summer Wave of the Teple Misto Small Grants

On June 15th, the winners of the Summer Wave of the Teple Misto Small Grants programme were introduced.

13 projects had been submitted for the Summer Wave of the Grant Programme, which lasted from April 29th to May 29th. The Small Grants shortlist included 6 projects, and after the interview with the independent commission, 4 winning teams were selected. The total budget of the wave was UAH 79,950.

На фото: члени незалежної комісії

Pictured: members of the Independent Commission of the Teple Misto Small Grants.

Thus, the following projects have received a grant:

1) TEDxIvanoFrankivsk Talks
Initiative group: TEDxIvanoFrankivsk NGO
Project goal: motivate participants in the talks to implement their own ambitious ideas for further active participation in the development of the city.

2) Artistic Charity Project “Na_Shapku”
Idea: Public Initiative of Galicia NGO
Project goal: assist in the treatment of sick children by collecting charitable donations for the purchase of medicines and equipment for the Oncohematology Department of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children’s Hospital during a series of artistic events in Ivano-Frankivsk.

3) Zoning
Idea: Kufer.Media
Project goal: tell city residents about its neighbourhoods and promote the city decentralisation (various events are not only in the centre).

4) Ukrainian language course from the ZeroOne platform
ZeroOne Education Platform Initiative
Project goal: promote the launch of the ZeroOne educational platform that aims at transforming school education into a new effective online format that would develop the school curriculum and students’ competencies needed in today’s world.

Let us recall that the Teple Misto Small Grants fund is formed of contributions from 57 partner companies of the Teple Misto platform. The evaluation is conducted by an independent commission, which assembles separately for each wave. It includes active citizens, opinion leaders, administration and business representatives, as well as winners of the previous Grant Programme waves.

The Teple Misto Small Grants was launched by the Teple Misto platform to support forward-looking urban initiatives in 2015. During the existence of the programme, 51 projects received financial support. The next wave of Small Grants will be launched on August 24th.

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